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DORNOCH [town] Dornoch
W. S. Fraser Esq. Fiscal
Donald Taylor Esq. Sheriff Clerk
Revd [Reverend] D. Stewart
113 This is the county town of Sutherland and it is a royal burgh granted by Charter of Charles II dated 1628. It is also an old cathedral city. The date of its erection into a see is not, nor, cannot be ascertained. The town is situated on a sandy plain at the mouth of the Dornoch Firth and in the parish of the same name. The streets (nameless) are wide and well-formed possessing some well-built houses, principally two stories in height and nearly all slated. The following are the principal and most remarkable [continued on page 4]

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Sutherlandshire -- Parish of Dornoch, Parliamentary Burgh of Dornoch

The Borough of Dornoch is united to the Boroughs
of Cromarty, Dingwall, Kirkwall, Tain and Wick
for the return of a Member to serve in Parliament.

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