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ALLT A' CHOIRE Allt a' Choire
Allt a' Choire
Revd [Reverend] J. M. Joass. Golspie
Mr Hector Ross, Glencasley
102 This name Signifies Burn of the Corry and is applied to a Stream having its Source a Short distance N.E. [North East] of "Cnoc a' Choire" and flowing N.E. [North East] into "Amhainn a' Ghrùididh"
AMHAINN A' GHRÙDAIRE Amhainn a' Ghrùdaire
Amhainn a' Ghrùdaire
Amhainn a' Ghrùdaire
Amhainn a' Ghrùdaire
Mr Hector Ross, Glencasley
Mr Donald Munro. Gruids
Rev [Reverend] John McPherson. F.C. [Free Church] Manse Lairg
Mr R. McKenzie, Rosehall
This name Signifies "Small River of Gruids or Dregs" and is applied to a a large Stream flowing S.E. [South East] through "Strath Sitheig" and falling into the "River Shin" near to Achany. It is sometimes mentioned as "Grùideag" only but never "Amhainn a' Grùdaire"
RIVER GRUDIE 1 - inch Revision October 1894. River Grudie
River Grudie
River Grudie
Mr Donald McKay Gruids (ex ground officer)
Mr George young farmer Invershin
Mr George Ross mason &c Linsidemore
STRATH GRUDIE Amhin Gruidag Duke of Sutherland's map 102 See Name Book of 6 inch Sheet 94 for this name

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Sutherland -- Six Inch Sheet 102

Amhainn a' Ghrùdaire [note] Ghrùdaire corrected from sheet 94

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