List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
COILLE INNIS NA CIRCE Coille Innis na Circe The Rev. [Reverend] Mr John D. Kennedy Rosehall
Mr Paul Irvine Glen Cassley
Mr W. Grahame Glen Cassley
093 "Wood of the Valley of the Hen".
A large Birch Wood srrounding Glencassley Castle on the E. [East] side of "Glen Cassley,
ALLT BEINN AN RÀSAIL Allt Beinn an Ràsail 093 "Burn of the Mountain of the Rake".
A small mountain stream flowing E [East] into River Cassley about 10 Chains W. [West] of Glencassley Cottage.
ALLT BEINN ROSSAIL 1-inch Revision Oct. [October] 1894. Allt Beinn Rossail 093 For authorities etc see page 52.
ROSSAL Rossal (Ang.) [Anglice] 093 Applies to a small flat piece of ground and an old Ruin situated on the E. [East] side of the River Cassley about 20 chains N.W. [North West] of "Allt an Ràssail".

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Sheet 93 -- Parish of Criech -- Co [County] of Sutherland

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