List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
A' CHREAGANACH 1-inch Revision oct [October] 1894 A'Chreaganach
Revd [Reverend] Mr Grant Dornoch
Mr G. Ross Acharry Moor
Mr William Grant Schoolmaster Rearquhar
A' CREAGACH A'Creagach
Mr Robert MacKenzie, Claisantsrathain
Mr John Campbell, Claisantsrathain
Corrected by the Rev [Reverend] Mr Joass, Golspie
112 This name applies to a Small hill, and Signifies rocky, Situated north from Blarodhar.
DRUIMAMHSICH Druimamhisich
Druim a'Mhisich (Compound)
Mr Robert Murray, Tenant.
Mr George Murray Tenant.
Revd [Reverend] Mr Joass,
112 This name applies to two Small farmhouses, one story high, thatched, with small outhouses, gardens, Arable & Pasture farms attached: the ptoperty of E.C. Sutherland Walker, Esqr of SKibo.
Clais a'Mhisich (Compound)
Mr David Campbell, Tenant.
Valuation Roll 1872.
Revd [Reverend] Mr Joass.
112 This name applies to a Small farmhouse, one Story high, thatched, with outhouses, garden, Arable & Pasture farm, attached: the property of E.C. Sutherland Walker Esqr of SKibo.

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[Page] 105
Sheet 112 -- Plan 2 -- Co [County] Sutherland -- Ph [Parish] Criech

[Notes Mòine Dhaor, crossed out] -- on 6 inch plan 109
This name has been retained
as some of the houses come
on this Plan

cancelled, will be found
described as "Mòine Dhaor" on
6" sheet 109 - Trace 4? this is the
correct name -- [Initialled] William J.M

[signed] JW. Campbell. c/a [civilian assistant]

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