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Clentrolla Pictish Tower
Clentrolla Pictish Tower
Rev. [Reverend] J.M. Joass
Joseph Peacock Esqr.
Mr Robert Grant
Mr. William Sutherland
098 This name applies to the Ruins of a pictish Tower situated about one Mile to the East of the Mansion House of Kintradiwell. The walls of this Tower stand about ten feet above the General surface and they are about Seventeen feet in thicKness. there are several small enclosures or out works surrounding it upon the South and West, there are also two small enclosures in the interior which appear to have been used as Ash pits and Dust bins. This circle was cleared out at the expense of the Society of Antiquarians in the Spring of 1868 and the following is a list of the principle articles found therein, viz. Twelve Human Skeletons, several implement handles of Red Deer Horn, Bones of Red Deer, Roe Deer, Horns of Rein Deer, Bones of a pig, Or, Sheep, Whale, and a great variety of Fish Bones, Shells including Mussel, periwinKle, Cockle, & Oyster, Two Iron Dagger Blades, Fifty fragments of Querns, several Stone Crushers or Hammers, together with a great many fragments of of Shale Rings. Also fragments of rude pottery, a few Copper Bodels, (small coins) two [shuds] of flint, and two Stone Cups. All the above mentioned Articles are deposited in the Antiquarian Museum, Edinburgh. His Grace the Duke of Sutherland, proprietor
BROUGH (Ruins of) [Clentrolla] Archaeologia Scotica Vol.V [Volume 5] Part 1 pp. [pages] 95 - 189. 098

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