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River Forth River Forth
River Forth
River Forth
Mr William Galbraith Town Clerk
Revd [Reverend] William Findlay
Revd [Reverend] Mr McLachlan
010.15 ; 017.03 "The River Forth has its Source from a Spring in the Northern Side of Benlomond, near the Summit of the Mountain. It traverses Stirlingshire for ten Miles from its Source, under the Appellation of the Water of Deuchray, Augmented, as it proceeds, by numberless mountain Streams. It then enters Perthshire, where it receives an Accession equal to the volume of its own Waters, in the river which issues from Lochard in Aberfoyle. It there assumes the name of Avendorr, or Black Water. After a Course of about five miles, it Again joins Stirlingshire below Gartmore House, where it obtains the name of Forth, which it henceforth retains. From this point, the Forth uniformly bounds the County of Stirling on the North, except in a few instances, of Some isolated tracts which lie to the North of that River. A few miles Above Stirling, the Feath or Feith, the Faichers of the historian Buchannan, and the Avon Thaich of the highlanders, a large and beautiful river rising in Perthshire, notwithstanding its undeniable Superiority, Sinks both its Waters as far as Stirling. The River is navigable to vessels of About 70 tons burden, but this navigation is rendered extremely inconvenient by the numerous Windings (here called links) of the Forth. The line of the river from Alloa is reckoned near twenty miles, whilst the distance in a direct line is Scarcely Seven. After a Course of about eight miles from Stirling Bridge, the River Stretches out into a firth of of Several miles in breadth, affording facilities for navigation and for Commerce upon an enlarged Scale." History of Stirling.

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Note - Two portions of this river come
on the 1/500 plans. One, the smallest
on plan 10-15-24 - is not navigable;
the other portion is navigable, and
comes on plan 17-3-5- & 10.

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