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East & West Churches
"The Church of Dominicans or Black Friars
which Stood outside the Walls of the town on
the East, was the Chief place of Worship for the
inhabitants, till James IV, in 1494, founded a
Convent of Franciscans or Gray Friars in the
higher parts, and built the present Church
for the Accommodation of that fraternity. The
last mentioned house is a Magnificent Gothic
fabric, all of hewn Stone, with an Arched roof
Supported by two rows of plain massy pillars.
It was of Course, Originally one Church, Since
the reformation, it has been divided by a dead Wall
and at present makes two large and Commodious
places of Worship, called the East and West
Churches. * * Here, on the 29th July 1567 James VI
was Crowned. The tower and roof bear many marks
of bullets Shot by the Castle at General Monk's
troops, when in 1651, he had raised batteries in the
Church yard, and also in 1746 at the highlanders
who fired Small Arms from the tower."
Nimmo's History of Stirlingshire.

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