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St Ninians Well St Ninian's Well
St Ninian's Well
St Ninian's Well
Mr William Galbraith Town Clerk
Revd [Reverend] William Findlay
Revd [Reverend] Mr McLachlan
017.03 "Besides the Water Supplied by the public Wells, there is near the South port, on the very verge of the parish towards St Ninians, that of the
Well called St Ninian's Well, on Account of its having been dedicated to that Saint. It is celebrated for its copiousness & purity. It is a hardish water, but of low Specific gravity, and much used for washing. It has been calculated, that, were all the water proceeding from this Spring forced into the pipes that Supply the town, it would afford every individual not less than 14.113 gallons per twenty four hours. It is protected by a Small building, part of which is Supposed to have been a Small chapel, but it is more likely to have been a bath." Stat. [Statistical] Account of Scotland.
"Near the South Port is a very copious and pure spring called St Ninian's Well, on account of its having been dedicated

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