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Wall of Antoninus Pius [Continued] There are very few traces of this interesting antiquity now to be found, as time and the enterprise of the tillers of the soil have done much to obliterate it, but through the policies of Callender House and at Bantaskine it can be distinctly seen.
A description of the Roman Wall through this parish taken from General Roy's Military Antiquities of Scotland. Hence the wall, no doubt, led by the Mumrills, And having crossed Edinbelly-burn, And that of the Weddings, it hath passed along the rising grounds whereon Polmont church is situated; but in this East part of its course scarcely any traces of it are to be seen. Having then passed another small brook at Millhall, it hath mounted the bank, and kept along the heights between that place and the river Avon, where some faint appearances of the ditch may be discerned. It seems to have passed the Avon at a place called Bankhead, and then ascends to the Village of Inner Avon, where there is an Ancient tower, and where, without doubt, there must have been a Station, although now washed away by the river. The distance from the supposed position of the fort at New Merchieston to this place is 4,400 yards. In the Britannia Romana is given a very full and accurate detail of all the inscription that had then been discovered along the course of the wall; whence it appears that no more than three legions, the second, Surnamed Augusta, the Sixth, Victrix, and the twentieth, Valens Victrix, had any concern in the execution of that public work.

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Parish of Polmont

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