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Wanzie Wanzie Revd. [Reverend] Doctor Graham
Revd. [Reverend] John Fiddes
Mr. William Halley
026.07 A precipitous rock situated at the west of Auchineden Hill. "A slope from Strathblane, rising westward 1000 feet in two miles, is terminated by a precipice of at least 150 feet from north to south. Here the face of the rock as if unsupported on the western side, has separated from the mountain, forming a crevice 60 feet deep, near 200 long, and in width, from 14 to 15 feet at the north end and 2½ at the south. The slice is of unequal thickness, in some places about 20 feet, in others about 3 or 4. In one or two points it has totally fallen away, leaving narrow openings, through which, as from embrazures of a castle, the spectator can look down on the immense fragments of rock with which the ground below is covered. The impression made by this striking object is that of a rock split by an immense wedge. The angular surface of the opposite sides, leaves no room to doubt of their having once adhered and fitted each other." Extract from Nimmo's History of Stirlingshire.

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