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Keir Hill Keir Hill

R. G. Moir Esqr Leckie
Revd. [Reverend] John Stark
Mr William Jamieson, Schoolmaster
Statistical Account
016.04 This is a small circular hill situated at the East end of the Village of Gargunnock, between and near the confluence of two small rivulets. It was a fortified place at the end of the 13th Century, and there are still some slight traces of a ditch near its base. It was from this fortification that Sir William Wallace started on his expedition against the Peel of Gargunnock an account of which is given in the description of that place

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The Keir-hill was a fortified place, in the end of the 13th Century. It is considerably elevated, and is of an
oval figure, and has been surrounded by a rampart; it is near the confluence of two rivulets which unite at
the east end of the village; and there must have been a ditch to the south. The circumference of the summit
is about 140 yards. At the summer sacrament, the tent is placed at the bottom of the Keir-hill, and the people
sit on its gently sloping side, and form an interesting sight. Sir William Wallace and his followers were in possession
of the Keir-hill, from whence they sallied forth, and attacked and put to flight the English who were stationed in
the Peel (of Gargunnock) Taken from the Statistical Account printed 1842.

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