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Leckie Leckie
Robert Graham Moir Esqr Leckie
Henry Fletcher Campbell Esqr Boquhan
Revd. [Reverend] John Stark Gargunnock
Statistical Account
009.15 This is a plain Substantial Stone building, one, two, and three storeys high slated and in good repair occupied by some of Mr. Moirs Servants on whose property it is, Situated adjacent to and west of Leckie Mansion. There is no record of the date of its errection but evidently has been built at three different periods as the Style of the different Storeys indicate, on an old disused nameless Stone Bridge adjacent and near to the Mill is the following cut on a stone in the parapet.
Viz 1673
Ex bene Volentia
ob Salusem
Mr Moir thinks that this date is coeval with some of the additions made to the House, he also thinks that it is older than the old place in the Carse (Laigh Place) for there is a tradition in the Family he says that at one time the Family had to remove to Laigh Place not being able to keep Leckie in repair, and also says that Laigh Place was no more then nor ever since that a plain Farmhouse. There is a grant of the Barony of Leckie by David II between 1329 and 1346 but the precise year is not know There is a tradition in the Leckie
Family that in the year 1745 when Prince Charles, slept at Leckie he had his soldiers encamped on the small level plot of ground on which the new mansion now stands
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