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Leckie Burn Leckie Burn
Leckie Burn
Leckie Burn
Leckie Burn
Leckie Burn
Leckie Burn
Robert Graham Moir Esqr. Leckie
Henry Fletcher Campbell Esqr. Boquhan
Revd. [Reverend] John Stark Gargunnock
Statistical Account
Grassom's County Map
Johnston's County Map
009.11 ; 009.15 ; 016.02 ; 016.03 ; 016.06 A Small but rapid Stream flowing from the west summit of Black Craig on the Gargunnock Hills in a northerly direction for about a mile over Steep Rocks thence it flows easterly through partly level moor till it forms Loch Logan flows out of it nearly in the same direction through St. Colm's Glen where there are several waterfalls on it, after leaving this Glen it flows over a very rocky bed and through a deep wooded nameless Glen till it takes a north direction and forming a Mill dam for a Corn Mill at Leckie it retains the same northly direction through a level carse till it falls into the River Forth east of Culbeg Farm Steading nearby the whole of its Channel through the Carse or low ground is artificial and straight from One Field to another adjacent to where it joins the Forth is very crooked not having been made straight but Planted by Robert Graham Moir Esqr. Leckie

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