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Ford of Frew Ford of Frew
Ford of Frew
Ford of Frew
Ford of Frew
Ford of Frew
Robert Graham Moir Esqr. Leckie
Henry Fletcher Campbell Esqr. Boquhan
Revd. [Reverend] John Stark Gargunnock
Statistical Account
Nimmo's history of Stirlingshire
009.14 This is the Ford which tradition points out that Prince Charles Stewart crossed in 1745 when he breakfasted at Boquhan and slept at Leckie It is situated at the north west corner of the Parish and about 5 chains east of the junction of Boquhan Burn with the River Forth, and about 10 chains east of the Bridge of Frew.
The Forth at this place is Very Shallow in Summer it can nearly be crossed dry and till the present bridge was errected was the only place where horses and carts &c crossed for miles either up or down the River. the Banks on each side are low and sloping to the water edge with a hard footing through the River the bed is composed of Sand and Shingle no Rocks.
Mr. Campbell of Boquhan states that he never heard of a fortification to protect it on either Sides but that he heard that some of his predecessors had some few pieces of Cannon placed on the Gargunnock side to defend it, but nothing of a fortification.

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