List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Site of Tumulus Tumulus (Site of)
Tumulus (Site of)
Tumulus (Site of)
Mr Gilbertson, Carpenter, Sandwick
Mr Hector Rendall Sandwick
Mr James Jameson Sandwick
038.12; 038.06 This object, which was removed in 1870, was situated about 30 yards to the eastward of the dwellinghouse at Whirlie, in the north side of the vegetable garden attached to that house. Prior to its removal it presented the appearance of a small conical Knoll. It was composed chiefly of burnt stones broken small.
Stone Cist, Urns and Stone Implements found A.D 1871 Stone Cist,Urns and Stone Implement found A.D.1870 Mr G.Gilbertson, Sandwick
Mr Hector Rendall, Whirlie
Mr James Jameson Sandwick
038.12; 038.06 About the centre of it, and on a level with the ordinary surface, a stone Cist, about 2 feet long 1 foot broad & 1 foot deep, containing two empty urns, and a stone implement about 1 foot 6 inches in length, & 3 inches in breadth, having a round handle and tapering toward the point and edges, was found. One of the urns was made of steatite, the other which was about 2 inches thick and of the flowerpot pattern, of earthen-ware. They both crumbled to pieces after a short exposure to the air

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Parish of Whalsey, Shetland.

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In the column "Various Modes of Spelling" the word "Implement" is in the singular but it appears as "Implements" (plural) on the map. Descriptive remarks also indicate singular.

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