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Continued entries/extra info

_____ O.S. (NAME BOOK) F&T 80
O.225. ___________ [3-23-2

Navvi Geo 90
Muckle Skerry 222
Newpark 30
Ness of Sheenareef 27
Newpark 30 [note - entry duplicated]
Niddi Geo 90
Niddigeo 93
Nista Taing 68
Nisthouse 91
Nisthouse Ness 92
North Ayre 92
North Boady Geo 26

North Point 37
North Surret 77
North Uya Taing 26
North Voe 38
North Voe of Brough 64
North Ward of Linga 26
Noust of Treawick 83
Nuckro Water 86
Nuns Vord 84

Outer North Point 37

Outra Neap 16

Peat Geo 9
Peter's Noust 12
Pettigarths Field 75
Picts House 18
of Gruid 49
Polson's Kirn 83
Post Office 42
Puki Geos 50
Pundsi Geo 51

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