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Conni Geo Conney Geo.

Conni Geo
Mr Laurence Laurenceson Symbister
Mr Nicolson Postmaster Symbister
Mr Robertson Hamister
039.09; 039.05 This name applies to a long and narrow inlet on the south east coast of Whalsay and about ¼ mile south of Huxter Wick_
Guttald Geos Guttald Geos
Guttald Geos
Guttald Geos
Guttald Geos
Mr G. Gilbertson Sandwick.
Mr James Leask, Treawick.
Mr L. Lawrenceson Hamister.
Mr walter Hughson, The Hamars.
039.09; 039.05 Three creeks situated at the south east corner of Whalsey and between "Gunnels Geo," and "Guttald."

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[Page] 101.
County of Shetland
Parish of Whalsey

[page initialled] W.F. [William Fraser]

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From different ink used the version of the name "Conni Geo" has been Re-submitted - this annotation being indicated in another name book.

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