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Whirly Knowe Whirly Knowe
Whirly Knowe
Whirly Knowe
Mr. Thomas Humphrey, Gravins
Mr. Robert Gear Teacher, Mogul
Mr. Peter Peterson, Ham,
054 A mound about 20 yards in diameter and 9 feet in height, situated close on the east side of a Corn Mill on "Daal Burn" in "Hametoun," about 10 chains W. [West] of Quinister and about th same distance S.E. [South East] of Guthren, The formation of this object as also the nature of the matter of which it Consists, under the surface, (broken burnt stones) does not leave much room to doubt that it is an ancient burial mound, The authorities or indeed any in the island, have not the slightest idea as to whether it is artificial or natural,

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Parish of Walls -- Foula -- Shetland,
[Signed] A. McDonald 2nd Corpl. R.E. [2nd Corporal Royal Engineers]

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