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Weisdale Weisdale Andrew Mure Esq Sheriff Sub. [Substitute] Shetland
J.S. Smith Esq. Sherrif Clerk Shetland
Mr. William Thomspn Meresman for Weisdale Ph [Parish] Shetland.
Dr. R. Corrie's Shetland & its Inhabitants
043; 048 A parish a little to the south of the Centre of the mainland of Shetland. It is bounded on the north by Delting, on the east by Tingwall & Nesting, on the west by Aithsting & part of Sand Sound Voe & on the South by Weisdale Voe & Whiteness: its post town is Lerwick.
There is no detached part of this parish locally Situated within the boundary of any other parish. Nor is there any detached part of any other parish locally Situated within the boundary of this one.
It Contains about 9641 Statute Acres.-

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Parish of Weisdale Shetland

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