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Yell Island
Yell Island
P.M. Sandison, Postmaster, Cullivoe, North Yell.
Mr Thomas Johnson, Sheriff Officer, Mid Yell.
John Rainer McQueen Esq. Burravoe, South Yell.
Johnstons Map of Shetland
Admirality Chart
appear to have been small, and of rude construction, the principal ones were supposed to have stood at Windhouse, Mid Yell, and Papal, North Yell, the latter is supposed to have been the seat of a Bishop, their dedicatory names is in no case known. there is some sort of an account of the one at Windhouse having a very high Spire the house now stands on part of its Site. A number of the small may have been votive. There are at present, 1877, Three Churches of the Established Church of Scotland. the island is divided into three parishes and one of the latter named Churches is situated in each parish there are in addition to these, Two Free Churches, Two Wesleyan Methodist Chapels & one private building used for Episcopalian Services by the owner Mr McQueen of Burravoe The population in 71 was about 1800, nearly all the adult male population are Fishermen and earn the greater part of their livelihood at Ling & Cod fishing. There are some 12 or 14 proprietors on the island. The greater part of the north and Central portion of the island is in pasture under Sheep.

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