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Heogatoug Heogatoug
Andrew Mure, Sheriff Substitute, Laurence Williamson Noss Sound, Oglivy Gifdford, Lochside. James McIver, Shepherd Noss 053.04 Applies to a hillside feature on the east side of the Island of Noss, about ¼ of a mile south East from Hill of Punds Geo & a short distance west of the Point of Heogatog. The property of Miss Anne Mouat of gardie House.

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Parish of Bressay -- Shetland
[signed] R. Hawkins S.R.E. [Sapper Royal Engineers]

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Burn of Whiggie Ness
Hole of Noss Sound

Heogatoug [Note] (Hagi- pasture, Toug or Toog, a hillock)

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