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Sandsound Voe Sandsound Voe 052.01 Authorised and Described in 1/2500 Name Book 47/12Sandsting Phr. [Parish]
Harpa Harpa
C.C. Beatton
James Irvine
John Hunter
Valuation Roll
052.01 Applies to a fish curing station. Situated on the west side of Whiteness Voe and immediately N. E.[North East] of Usta Ness. Property of James Leask Lerwick

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County of Shetland -- Parish of Whiteness

[Entries Scored Out]
Junk Sound [Note] Entry cancelled by order of John T Sloban Ca [Civilain Assistant] 04 04 78

Junk Voe 052 01

Usta Ness [Note] (Cancelled) see P

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