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Sneuga Sneuga
Mr Jamieson Megstown
Mr Burgess Upswall
Mr Mason Houlls
Valuation Roll
056.15 This house is situated about 1/2 mile south west of Megstown and about 1/4 mile east of Beneathaburn It is one storey, thatched, and in very bad repair Proprietor. J. O. Hay Esq Lerwick
Wester Quarff Wester Quarff
Wester Quarff
Wester Quarff

West Quarff
West Quarf
Robert Laing Gulberwick
Laurence Thomson Quarff
John Manson Mews
Valuation Roll
Johnston's Map
Ainslie's Map 1789
056.15 A district which is partly Cultivated and Contains a number of houses which is all one storey high & thatched. It is situated in a glen on the east side of the Parish of Quarff. Various Proprietors

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Parish of Quarff -- Shetland

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Burn of Beneathaburn [note] Cancelled By order John T Hoban Ca [Civilian Assistant] 28.3.78

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