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Selkirk (Parish) Selkirk (Parish) [Continued from OS1/30/10/2b]
The parish is completely of a hilly character; but, from being all very elevated, the different Peaks have not that marked appearance they otherwise would have - of these the Three Brethren Cairn is 1978, & the Peat Law, 1964 feet above the level of the sea. Selkirk parish presents few features worthy the attention of the geologists -- The rocks belong to the transition series, and are chiefly greywacke, greywacke-slate, clay-slate etc which are disposed in Strata in general pretty highly inclined, and ranging from N.W. [North West] to N.E [North East] None of the more rare or useful minirels are to be met with. The soil is light and dry, & in consequence the crops are early.
Two miles to the west of Philiphaugh Farm and overhanging the Yarrow, immediately before its junction with the Ettrick, are still to be seen the remains of an Entrenchment. thrown up by Montrose, in his Battle with the Covenanters under General Leslie at Philiphaugh in 1645; & in the town stands the house where he spent the night previous to the engagement. Close to [continued on OS1/30/10/4]

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Parish of Selkirk -- W Beatty

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