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Fairnilee Caul Pool Fairneylee Caul Pool
Alexander Pringle Esqr Yair
R Pringle Esqr Broadmeadows
Mr Mitchel Yair
County Map
New statistical account
Mr Richard Haldane Farinilee
007.12 A pool on the River Tweed near Yair House. it has been formed by the erection of the Caul for Fairneylee Mill Lead
Lindinny Wood See 7. no 16 -- Traces 2 & 3
Elm Wiel Elm Wiel Alexander Pringle Esqr Yair
Mr Mitchel Steward
George Thompson
007.12 A pool at a bend of the River Tweed a short distance below Yair House the name is derived from an aged moss grown Elm Tree, that stands on the bank of the River near this spot, Wiel is from the rotary motion of the water signifying to "Wheel."

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Parish of Selkirk -- Sheet 7 No 12 -- Trace 3 -- Collected by William Boyd Corporal Royal Engrs [Engineers]

[Note] -- Weil - An Eddy -- Jamiesons Scottish Dictionary
Wiel - A small whirlpool -- Jamiesons Scottish Dictionary

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