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Moat Hill Moat Hill
Moat Hill
Mr Walter Grieve Howden
Mr Walter Hume Middlestead
Mr Thomas Stewart Shepherd
The County Map
011.12 A prominent Hill lying to the South of the road leading from Selkirk to Ettrick it is covered with Rough Pasture, and receives its name, from a neighbouring height on which is a camp called in the locality by the name of "The Moat"
The Moat The Moat
James Riddle Hartwoodburn
Robert Hogg Hartwoodburn
James Chisholm Selkirk
County Map
011.12 A small Hill the summit of which is now covered by a small mixed plantation. the site of the alledged Camp. the flat area on the top is surrounded by an artificial embankment in some places quite distinct, that it is a Camp is strongly supported by local tradition, and it is said to be noticed by Sir Walter Scott in Tales of a Grandfather or in the Picture of Scotland

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Parish of Selkirk -- Sheet 11 No 12 -- Trace 3 -- Collected by Robert Young 2nd Corpl RE [2nd Corporal Royal Engineers]

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