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Ettrick Ettrick (Parish) Continued "Tushielaw Tower" - Passing from Buccleuch we come upon the gray ruins of the tower of Tushielaw, on the side of a hill near the road on the Ettrick. and there is a famous tradition that Adam Scott, commonly called the King of the Thieves, on being taken by King James V. one morning before breakfast, was hung on an ash Tree over his own gate; along the principal branches of which it is said there are still to be seen the nicks and hollows formed by the ropes on which many an unhappy wight had been suspended by this rigorous and powferful Baron - However this tradition respecting Adam Scott's execution is wrong - for in Pitcairns Criminal trials, Vol. [Volume] 1. P. [Page] 145 it is stated that Adam Scott King of the Thieves, was tried, convicted, and beheaded, at Edinburgh, on the 18th May 1530 -

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