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Over Kirkhope Over Kirkhope
Over Kirkhope
Over Kirkhope
Mr. Walter Elliot, Occupant
Mr. Thomas Clendenning, Brockhope Rig.
Mr Walter Blake, Shorthope.
017 A modern built farm house, two stories high having attached to it suitable offices, and a large pasture farm tenanted by James Mitchell, and the property of Henry Scott, Esqr.
Site of Chapel Site of Chapel
Site of Chapel
Site of Chapel
Revd. [Reverend] James Smith, Ph. [Parish] Minister
Mr. John Anderson, Broad[---] Hill
Mr. Walter Elliot, Kirkhope
New Statistical Account
Fullerton's Gazetteer
017 The Site of an old Roman Catholic Chapel, about a ¼th of a mile above Kirkhope farm house- close on the burn of the same name. The ground for many yards near the Site, bears marks of having been. built upon, but there is nothing now to indicate the dimensions of the Chapel, or the the various houses that appear to have been beside it, as the foundations were removed many years ago, for building purposes, and the ground is now overgrown by moss.
Near the farm ho.[house] of Kirkhope in the Ettrick, the place of an old Kirk steading is still visited, its site is so covered with grass and moss however, that its dimensions are barely descernable. New St. Acc. [Statistical Account] P. [Page] 618

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Ettrick Ph.[Parish] -- Sheet 17. Trace 5.
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