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THE HOPE The Hope Mr Lillie Clifton
Mr. Young Woodside
Craig Currburn
017.14 A wide and deep valley situate at the head of Curr Burn, and lying between the Curr and Steer Rig Hills it is Covered with rough pasture, and so secluded, that for a great part of the Winter the rays of the Sun never penetrates into the bottom of the valley
THE GREY MARE The Grey Mare Mr Craig
J Stephenson Rinsidehill
Mr Lillie
017.14 A huge block of rock lying quite solitary on the east slope of The Curr. its peculiarity Consists in none of the same kind being near its position the remainder of the Hill being Smooth. and well Covered with pasture.
CORBIE CRAIG Corbie Craig Mr Craig
Mr Young
J Stephenson
017.14 A mass of huge rocks of a very strange appearance on the south west slope of Black Hag. near the Boundary between England and Scotland. they stand very prominent above the ground in large blocks almost square

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Parish of Morebattle
Sheet 17-14. Trace 1
Described by William Boyd Corpl RE [Corporal Royal Engineers]

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