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Pyatknowe Syke
Pyatknowe Syke
Walter Grieve Southfield
Robert Grieve Southfield
John Beattie Dodburn
G. Hart (Pilmuirrig)
032.10 [Situation] At the Sn. [Southern] extremity of Ph. [Parish]
A small stream having its source about a mile to the S.E [South East] of Whitehillbrae, and flows in a westrerly direction till it joins Dod Burn,
FORT [Whitehillbrae] British Fort (Site of)
British Fort (Site of)
Walter Grieve
Robert Grieve
John Beattie
032.10 [Situation] Near the Sn. [Southern] extremity of Parish.
The vestiges of a Fort or Camp situated on the farm of Whitehillbrae, This must have been a place of Considerable Strength, from the nature of the ground and the size of the entrenchments,

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Parish of Kirkton -- Plan 32, 10 Trace 2

Pyatknowe Syke [Notes]
Pyat Pyat, the magpie Dr. Jamieson's Dictionary.
Pyat is the most usual mode of spelling and mode hitherto adopted on Plan.

[signed] Philip Munro
Lce. Corp: R.E. [Lance Corporal Royal Engineers]

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