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005.16; 006.13; 09.03; 09.04; 09.07; 09.08; 09.12; 010.01 The name of the town of Kelso gave a corresponding one to the parish - Kelso, formerly written "Kellsowe", and at still more recent periods, Calchow, and Calkow, is supposed to owe its name to the cliff on which part of the town Stands - The name Calkow is composed of two words, - the Celtic Calch or Cealc, Chalk, and the anglo-Saxon ho or how, a height: and as the cliff referred to contains gypsum, and other calcareous earths, the appellation Calkhow (Scottish Cauk-heugh) is far from inappropriate -
In Shape, the parish is nearly triangular; its greatest length is about 5 miles, its greatest breadth about 4 - It is divided into two nearly equal parts by the River Tweed; which intersects it in a N. [North] easterly direction, for about 3 miles -
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Parish of Kelso
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