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QUEEN'S HEAD HOTEL [Bridge St] Queen's Head Hotel
Queen's Head Hotel
Queen's Head Hotel
Name Board.
Plan of Kelso. 1852.
Mr. Hawnam - occupier
009.08 A respectable Hotel having extensive Stables at the rere - its front is towards Bridge St. and the rere towards Abbey Row.
KELSO MAIL OFFICE Kelso Mail office Name Board
Mr. Elliott. Publisher
Mr. Broomfield.
009.08 The office where the Kelso Mail is Published every Monday and Thursday. It was established in 1797, is Conservative in Politics; and Circulates amongst the more respectable and priviliged Classes.
BRITISH LINEN COMPANY'S BANK British Linen Company's Bank (Branch of) Name over the door
Plan of Kelso 1852
Mr. Bloomfield
A Robertson Esq. agent.
009.08 A large and rather imposing looking building in the south side of the Square, and used as a bra[n]ch Bank to the B.L.C. [British Linen Company] established in 1746.

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