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HILTON-MYE Hiltonmye House
Hiltonmye House
Hilton Mye House
Hilton-mye House
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Craig occr. [occupier]
Mr Broomfield
Mr. Yule
Revd [Reverend] Mr Jarvis
009.04 A large good house off the west side of Roxburgh Street and in the neighbourhood of Chalk Heugh. Hilton and Mye are the names of two properties in the County of Stirling and belong or belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Craig respectively, and Hiltonmye is a fanciful combination of the two names. Perhaps they had better have a hyphen between them, thus Hilton- mye. Hilton is an intelligable name by itself, but Mye is supposed to be a Celtic word pure or corrupt, Magh - a field, is the nearest approach to it but no satisfactory information has been obtained.

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