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Ninestone Rig
Ninestone Rig
Ninestone Rig
Blackwood's Co. [County] Map.
Mr. A. Scott Gameguard,
Mr. James Beatty. Shepherd,
James Elliot, Middleholm
038.12 [Situation] To the East of Whitterhope Burn.
A ridge of high land of considerable length. derives name from Ninestones on it which marks the spot where Tradition says Lord Soulis was boiled to death in a caldron of hot lead.
Ninestones Rig seems to be the correct mode although not written so in the district.
Whiterope Burn
Whiterope Burn
Whithope Burn.
Whitterhope Burn
Whitterhope Burn
Mr. A Scott (Gameguard)
Andrew Rogers Shepherd,
Mr. William Barton Shepherd
Pronunciation & Sometimes Whitter-ope,
Fullarton's Gazetteer of Scotland
James Elliot, Middleholm
Estate Documents
038.08 [Situation] from the East of Whitterhope Hass - S.W. [South West] to Hermitage Water
A rivulet which has its source on the West of Ninestone Rig and runs into Hermitage Water, Whitharehope Burn seems to be the correct mode it runs through a glen Hare from A. [Anglo] Saxon Haer, rough hence the white rough - glen burn appears to be the translation of the etymology,
Whitter Hope.- A place of meeting of the Border Rievers, where the men of Liddesdale and Liniatdale regale themselves before and after a forray on the English Border._
Probably a hearty draught of liquor formed their chief refreshment.
Dry Gutter
James Elliot._
Thomas Beattie, Whitterhopefoot
038.12 [Situation] East of Whitterhope Burn._
A small stream rising on Ninestones Rig & falling into Whitterhope burn.

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Parish of Castleton
Plan 38.16. Trace 2.
[Whitterhope Burn] Whitter - a hearty draught of liquor - Dr. [Doctor] Jamieson's Dictionary
[Signed] M. Donohue
June 1857.

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