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Bagraw Ford
Bagraw Ford
Bagraw Ford
James Telfer Schoolmaster Saughtree
James Telfer Shepd [Shepherd] Wormscleuch
James Elliot
Johnston's Co [County] Map
039 [Situation] Through Peel Burn. A ford through Peel Burn over which the Wheel Causey passes.
River Liddel
Liddel Water
J. Telfer Schoolmaster Saughtree
J Telfer Shepd [Shepherd] Wormscleuch
James Elliot
039 [Situation] From the junction of Peel and Wormscleugh Burn SW [South West] through En [Eastern] division of Parish.
A considerable burn has its source from this junction of Peel Burn and Wormscleuch, it gets wide and wider according as it travels, it flows tangent to the outskirts of Newcastleton, and forms the boundary between Dumfries-shire and Cumberland it joins the River Esk a short distance above the Scots [border]
New Myredykes
New Myredykes
New Myredykes
J Telfer Schoolmaster
J Telfer Shepd [Shepherd] Wormscleuch
James Elliot
Estate Documents.
039 [Situation] On the West Bank of Liddel Water. A middling Sized farm house one storey high Slated and in good repair having an arable farm and a Sheep farm the property of T Scott Esq Latham.

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[Page] 118
Parish of Castleton
Sheet 39.4
[signed] J McDonnell Sap [Sapper] RE [Royal Engineers]

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