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CRAIGY SIKE Craigie Sike
Craigie Sike
Craigie Sike
R Thomson Shep [Shepherd] Peel
James Riddal Lbr [Labourer] Peel
James Elliot
039 [Situation] South of Peel Burn
A small stream rising at the base of Heather Knowe flowing in a northerly direction and empties itself into Peel Burn
Butterlee Plantation
Butterlee Plantation
R Thomson Shepd [Shepherd] Peel
J Riddal Lbr [Labourer] Peel
James Elliot
039 [Situation] On the North of Peel Burn.
An enclosure having a few scatt [scattered] trees partly Fir and Forest.

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[Page] 106
Parish of Castleton -- Sheet 39.2
[signed] John McD [McDonnell] RE [Royal Engineers]

[Note] -- Craigy, Rocky -- Dr [Doctor] Jamieson's Sc Dicty [Scottish Dictionary]

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