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STANDING STONE [Fodderty] Standing Stones
Standing Stones
Standing Stones
Mr Gunn, Factor, Strathpeffer
New Statistical Account
Mr McCorquodale, Auchterneed
088 These are two large undressed standing stones, one of which lies near the east, and the other on the west side of the parish church, the one on the west side being the largest stands about five feet above ground, the other one is about 4 feet, no other information than that contained in the new Statistical account for the parish could be obtained, In noticing them the new Statistical account says, "On each side of the parish church are two Standing Stones The vugar [vulgar] tradition respecting them in that Knock Farril, which lies directly opposite, was often resorted to by Fin Mac Coul, the Fingal of Ossian; which by immense strength, he threw them upon his enemies, In conformation of this the marks of a gigantic finger and thumb are still pointed out on the one on the West side of the church, Some are of opinion that they were used for offering up sacrifices in the time of the Druids, as the larger of the two, has the appearance of being burnt, from top to bottom; but, others, that they were erected as memorials to perpetuate some events which, as the stones are in their natural state, and without inscription, have not been transmitted to posterity; and a third party that they were intended to mark the neutral ground, between the Mackenzies of Seaforth, and the Mackenzies of Dochmaluack" Neither Mr Gunn nor the minister, could say which of the above three purposes the were placed there for; but as they are fully 60 yards apart they could not have formed even the outer circle of a Druidical Temple They are on the property of the Duchess of Sutherland

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County of Cromarty shire (Det [Detached] No 21) -- Parish of Fodderty

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