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ALLT NAM FREUMH Allt nam Freumh
Allt nam Freumh
Mr A C MacKenzie
Mr A MacKenzie
076 This name is applied to a small stream, having its source a little to the south east of Cioch Mhor. It flows in a south east direction till it enters Amhainn Sgiathach near Cnoc a'Mhuilinn. Signifies "Burn of the roots" Davidson Esqr of Tulloch Proprietor.
LOCH NAN TUNNAG Loch nan Tunnag
Loch nan Tunnag
Mr A C MacKenzie Schoolmaster Marybro.
Mr A MacKenzie Crofter Heights of Dochcarty
076 This name is applied to a marsh situated a little to the north east of Bog a'bhreachdaich. Signifies "Docks Little Loch". Property of Duncan Davidson Esqr of Tulloch.
SRATH SGIATHACH Srath Sgiathach Mr A C MacKenzie
Mr A MacKenzie
076 This name is applied to a strath situated about 3 1/2 miles to the north west of the town of Dingwall. It is bounded on the east by the Parish Bdy of Dingwall & Kiltearn.
It stretches south west for about 2 miles, its breadth is about 3/4 of a mile. It was formarly inhabited by numerous tenants but at present their is only a shepherds house in it. Amhainn Sgiathach flows threw it on the south side. At its eastern extremity there is a Druidical Circle to be seen. Signifies "winged or forked Strath". Property of Davidson Esqr of Tulloch and Her Grace the Duchess of Sutherland.

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