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CHURCH (Site of) [Dingwall] Church (site of)
Church (site of)
Mr W. C. Joass
Mr McGregor
088 Is written to the site of an ancient Chapel which was afterwards the old parish church of Dingwall and which stood directly to the rear of the present one. The dedicatory name of the Ancient Chapel is not Known by any one in the Burgh.
ST CLEMENT'S AISLE (Remains of) St Clement's Aisle
St Clement's Aisle
St Clement's Aisle
Mr McGregor
Mr W. C. Joass
Funeral Letter dated 1810 in possession of Mr McGregor
088 This consists of a quadrangular wall about 8 feet high supposed to have been a chapel connected with the old church whose site it adjoins. It is used and has been from time immemorial as a buring [burying] ground.

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Ross shire -- Parish of Dingwall

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