List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CNOC NA MÒINE Cnoc na Mòine Allan Stewart Lower Gledfield 026 A hill feature about half a mile South of Ardgay Hill
Sig: [Signification] "Knoll of the Peats"._
CNOCNAMOINE Cnocnamoine Allan Stewart Lower Gledfield 026 A Small dwelling house with land attached north east Side of Cnoc na Moine from which it takes its name. The property of
CNOC GILLE GRIAC Cnoc Gille Griac Hugh Ross Ardgay Hill 026 A hill feature west of Ardgay Hill and South of Lower Gledfield Sig. [Signification] "Hill of Grace's lad"_

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Parish of Kincardine
County of Ross

[Signed] John Durran
Sapper R.E. [Royal Engineers]

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