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Eaglesham Ph. [Parish]
Old Stat. [Statistical] Account. Page 117
Yr. [Year] 1791
"Before the village was built, which gives it's name to this parish,
there were several woods in it, particularly one of great extent on
the banks of the river, an English mile south of the village. This
wood & the rocks in this neighbourhood, were much frequented
by eagles; & as they often perched on the holm, or low ground,
where afterwards the village was built, it was thence called
Eaglesholm, or Eaglesham. Others derive the name from
Ecclesia-holm, or, the church in the hollow."

Page 119.
"Several rivulets rise out of the muirs of Eaglesham, and fall
into the River Cart, on the East side of the parish. This river
takes it's rise out of the muirs of Kilbride & Eaglesham, about four
miles south of the village of Eaglesham; & in it's course Northwards
divides the Counties of Lanark & Renfrew, and this parish
from Kilbride & Carmunnock." - "There are two mineral
springs in this parish; the one is of a purgative quality,
and when used in cases of Complaints in the Stomach, gives
immediate relief. The other is used as a remedy for
the Muir-ill in black cattle, and is Carried to a great
distance for that purpose" - "At Balegich-hill, two
miles west of the village, there have been lately observed
Several pieces of the barytes, or heavy stone. It is of a red -"

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