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Trinity Well
Trinity Well
Trinity Well
Revd. [Reverend] G. H. Gray, Manse.
Peter Smith, Ch. [Church] Beadle Market
James Simpson Wood Forester
New Statistical Account
108 A small spring well, about 200 yards South of Trinity Gask Church and about ½ mile east of Lawhill Smithy.
Bore Stone
Bore Stone
Revd. [Reverend] G.H.Gray
Peter Smith Market
James Simpson Forester
New Statistical Account
108 A large flag stone, about 5½ feet high, with two large holes near the top, The date and purpose of its erection not certain.

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[Pgae] 30
County of Perth -- Ph [Parish] of Trinity Gask -- Sheet 108 - 7

Extract from Stat. [Statistical] Account, The only remarkable Spring is Trinity
Well a little South of the Manse of great renown in Popish days
for the performing of remarkable cures.

Extract from Stat [Statistical] Account. There is also a peculiar looking Stone
standing on the high ground about a mile to the north west
of Gasconhall called the Borestone, It has borne an inscription,
but age has so completely obliterated the characters, that it
is impossible to decypher a single word, The figure of
animals among which the boar and the Stag predominate
may still be traced. Some maintain that it was a trysting
place for the hunting of the wild boar, others that it was an
instrument of punishment with which idea to stone corresponds,
It is about 5 feet high with two holes at the top through which
the arms of the delinquent might be thrust and be kept
there ia a sort of pillory.

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