Perthshire volume 77

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OS1/25/77/1 TIBBERMORE (Detached) Tibbermore Detd. [Detached] Mr. Readdie Assessor Mr. Marshall Historian of Perth 097 ; 098 [Situation] Western portion of the parish of Perth. This is a detached portion of the parish of Tibbermore situated within the parish of Perth. Its shape is nearly circular and is the property of different proprietors and feuars.
OS1/25/77/1 [Page] 1 Tibbermore Detd. [Detached]
OS1/25/77/2 [Page] 2 [Blank page]
OS1/25/77/3 TULLYLUMB T.P. [Turn Pike] Tullylumb Toll Bar Peter Gow, occupier Mr. Walker, Tullylumb 097 [Situation] A few chains north of the farm house of Tullylumb. A Toll Bar, about one mile from Perth on the Glasgow Road
OS1/25/77/3 TULLYLUMB Tullylumb Mr. Walker occupier Peter Gow 097 [Situation] Close to the Southern boundary of Tibbermore (Detd. [Detached]). A Farm house, offices farm &c. attached, the Property of the Glover Incorporation, Perth
OS1/25/77/3 [Page] 3 Parish of Tibbermore Detached -- Sheets 97 No. 8 & 98 No. 5 Trace 1 [Signed] James Carpenter C.A. [Civilian Assistant] 31st. Aug. [August] 1860 [signed] C. N. Martin Capn. R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers]
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OS1/25/77/5 [Page] 5 OS1/25/77 [Volume] 77 CO. PERTH PARISH OF TIBBERMORE (DETD. [DETACHED] NO. 1) No. 2 is in the 1/500 Book SHEET 97 NO. 8 SHEET 98 NO. 5
OS1/25/77/6 [Page] 6 PARISH OF TIBBERMORE DETD. [DETACHED] SHEET 97 No. 8 SHEET 98 No. 5 INDEX Names of Objects -- Page Tibbermore Detd. [Detached] -- 1 Tullylumb T.P. [Turn Pike] -- 3 Tullylumb -- 3