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Huntingtower Castle
Huntingtower Castle
Huntingtower Castle
Revd [Reverend] Edward Robertson Parish Minister, Manse
Mr George Hill, Parish School-Teacher Tibbermore
Mr David Young, Tailor Methven by Perth
New Statistical Account
097 The date of erection of this castle is not known; but it is believed to have been built by one of the Earls of Gowrie as a hunting lodge about the begining of the 15th Century. It originally consisted of two square towers, but these have been connnected by buildings of a later date. The lower portion of it, is still inhabited, the upper flats not being fitted for habitation, they are turned into grainaries or stores for wheat etc. The towers are about 60 feet in height, slated, but are both in a ruinous condition. "It was here that James the sixth was for some time confined. In 1582, the King returning from a hunting party in Atholl, was invited to this castle, and detained by a party of Nobles; but he afterwards made his escape, and the persons engaged in the transaction were declared guilty of treason. This enterprise is usually called by historians, the Raid of Ruthven." (Extract from the "Beauties of Scotland") It is now the property of Major Mercer, Tullibelton House by Bankfoot.

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County of Perth -- Parish of Tibbermore

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