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LOW'S WORK Low's Work Low's Work Low's Work Low's Work Low's Work
Low's Work
Low's Work
Mr David Young, Methven by Perth.
Mr George Hill, Parish Teacher Tibbermore.
Indenture. (dated 1494)
Charter of Confirmation of the Rights and Privileges of the Borough of Perth, (dated 1594)
Note, to "The Muse Threnodie" Published 1774
New Statistical Work
William Greig Town Clerk
097 A fine stone Weir building across the River Almond situated about a mile north-west from Huntingtower Castle, that turns part of the River into an aqueduct which flows into the City of Perth. It is said to have been erected about the 12th Century by a frenchman of the name of Low's, from whom it derives the name. It is the property of the Borough of Perth and is in excellent repair.

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County of Perth -- Parish of Tibbermore

The name given by the Town Clerk has been adopted, as it appears to be correct.
He states that in many old documents (such as those quoted above) Low's, is written
Lowis, as the Apostrophe was not then used to denote the possessive case. He further adds
that Low's Work is the mode adopted in all the town documents for the last 50 years.
See other authorities for Lowswork applied to houses in page 7

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