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Site of MONASTERY [Scone Palace] Site of Monastery
Site of Monastery
Site of Monastery
Site of Monastery
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Revd Dr [Reverend Doctor] Crombie
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086 The site of a monastery at Scone Palace, founded by Alexander I, in 1115 and dedicated to the Trinity and Michael the Archangel. There is not a vestige of it remaining at present. In 1841-2 when forming terraces close to the palace the worKmen came upon fragments of broken arches and other lime-and-stone worK which are considered to have been part of the monastery. An ancient gateway and three ruinous turrets close to and east of the palace are believed to be the remains of a wall that enclosed the monastery.
"There seems no doubt that there was a foundation of Culdees at this place before the reign of Alexander I. We might indeed infer this from the circumstance, that the church of Scone at that early period was dedicated to the Holy Trinity, the established mode of dedication with this religious body. We learn from the 'Chronicle of Mailrose' that in 1115 the church of Scone was delivered up to canons regular, who deprived the Culdees of almost all their possessions. The abbey then founded was dedicated to the Trinity and Michael the Archangel. The residents were canons regular of St. (Saint) Augustine, under the direction of a prior, and had various privileges conferred on them. The abbey wall is supposed to have enclosed twelve acre. *** As already noticed, the transference of the religious house at Scone, from the Culdees to the Canons regular of St. (Saint) Augustine, is said to have taken place during the reign of Alexander I. in 1115 *** Sir James Balfour, under the year 1114, has
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