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Site of BRIDGE [River Tay] Site of Bridge Peter Geekie Esqr.
Revd Dr [Reverend Doctor] Crombie
Mr William Keay
J. Condie Esqr.
085 The site of a bridge on the river Tay, which, according to tradition, was used, probably built, by the Romans. Until within a few years ago large beams of oak were to be seen under the water which are believed to be remains of the bridge; they are now, however covered with shingle, but the people in the neighbourhood point out the place.
"The bridge at the mouth of the Almond was the only one across the Tay which the Romans possessed, which rendered the station at Orrea at all times of great importance, as, from the line of their approach, it formed the Key to the possession of the fertile valleys of Strathmore and Gowrie, and all the country to the east of the river.+++ And it is said that, in former times, there was a bridge over the river, and that several large beams of oak yet to be seen under the water formed part of it." New Statistical Acct. [Account]

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