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Scone Palace
Scone Palace
Scone Palace
J. Condie Esqr.
Revd Dr [Reverend Doctor] Crombie
Mr William Keay
New Statistical Acct. [Account]
086 "The present Palace of Scone, as it is now generally called, was built about the beginning of the present centuary, having been begun in 1805 and finished 1808. The design was by the late William Atkinson of Grove-end, London, and the erection might cost about £60,000 or £70,000. The ground on which the former house stood is occupied by this splendid mansion; but in its imposing Gothic style of architecture, and magnificent halls and spacious apartments, the modern palace is incomparably superior. The late Earl of Mansfield, the grandnephew of the Chief justice, spared no expense on the ediface. In most instances, the walls of the former house were entirely taken down and rebuilt. A new front, facing the river, 240 feet in length, was an entire addition. The apartments were greatly enlarged, with the exception of the gallery, which is now 150 feet long, part of it having been taken off for an entrance by a porch. It is a very elegant room. The floor is of tessalated oak, the dark having been formed in the beds of the Tay and the Earn. On the windows, partly of stained glass, are represented the various coats of arms of the family. The roof still retains somewhat of an antique form. It is spendidly furnished, having at the upper end a large and richly toned organ, and in different parts of the room several very valuable cabinets, lately purchased, of the age of Louis XIV. Among the ornaments are marble busts and vases of great beauty, both as to material and workmanship. Almost the only portions of the old walls not taken down but merely incased, are in that part of the house immediately under the diningroom and the drawingroom. *** As a modern room, the drawingroom is the finest. It commands one of [continued on next page]

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Parish of Scone

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