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Site of ROMAN CAMP [Derders Ford] Site of Roman Camp Roy's Antiquities
J. Condie Esqr.
Revd Dr [Reverend Doctor] Crombie
Mr William Keay
New Statistical Acct. [Account]
085 ; 086 The site of a Roman camp not a vestige of which remains at present, situated on a tongue of level tableland which projects from the east, termiating in a steep slope, about fifty feet in height, at the river Tay. A Roman Road, also defaced, passed through the camp from Derders Ford across the Tay about one fourth mile to the southwest.
"About a quarter of a mile up the river from this" (Derders Ford) "are the vestiges, it is said, of an encampment. It is a spot of ground inclosed on the west by the Tay, and on the other sides by a fosse. Its figure is nearly an oblong, and its circumference about 535 yards" New Statistical Acct. [Account]
The fosse above mentioned has been completely levelled.

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