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SITE OF ROMAN ROAD [Derders Ford to Sherifftown] Site of Roman Road Roy's Antiquities
J. Condie, Esqr.
Revd Dr [Reverend Doctor] Crombie
Mr William Keay
New Statistical Acct. (Account)
085 ; 086 The Roman road from the camp at Ardoch to the north entered the parish at Derders Ford on the Tay, at the mouth of the river Almond taking a northerly direction from here it passed through the camp near Sherifftown, and entered the parish of St Martins a little to the east of Colen. Though no part of this road is traceable above ground at present it has been frequently met with in draining &c by the country people, several of whom still point out its site. "It is stated in the Old Statistical Account, that the 'Roman military road leading from the camp at Ardoch to the bottom of the Grampians, enters this parish on the west, a little above a farmhouse on the Tay, and passes through till it leaves it on the northeast quarter'." New Statistical Acct. [Account]

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